Live Feeds: Satellite Orbits

Click any satellite to see where it is in its orbit right now.

  • AEOLUS: ESA mission to profile Earth’s global wind patterns.
  • Aqua: NASA mission to gather data on Earth's water cycle, including evaporation, precipitation, atmospheric water vapor, soil moisture, land and sea ice, etc.
  • GRACE-FO1: NASA mission to gather data on Earth’s water movement, including ice sheets, glaciers, rivers and lakes, underground water, changes in sea level, etc.
  • Hubble Space Telescope: The most famous space telescope, studying everything from Solar System objects to the early Universe.
  • ICESAT-2: NASA mission to study ice, cloud and land elevation, to track changes in forests, lakes, sea ice, glaciers, etc.
  • International Space Station (ISS): Orbital research laboratory.
  • MMS1: One of four satellites in a NASA mission to study the Earth's magnetosphere.
  • NuSTAR: NASA X-ray telescope studying high energy X-rays from deep space.
  • Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO): NASA mission to study the Sun. A lot of our Sun images comes from this space observatory.
  • SENTINEL-1B: One of two ESA Sentinel radar imaging satellites.
  • SMAP: NASA mission to monitor Earth soil moisture and freeze-thaw state.
  • SMOS: ESA mission to study Earth's water cycle and climate.
  • Suomi-NPP: NASA/NOAA/DoD mission to gather data on weather conditions and climate change.
  • SWIFT: NASA space observatory detecting gamma-ray bursts.
  • TELSTAR 1: An early communications satellite launched 1962. No longer functional - now space debris.
  • Terra: NASA mission to gather data on Earth’s atmosphere, land, and water.
  • THEMIS A: NASA mission to study energy releases from Earth's magnetosphere.
  • VENUS: ESA mission to monitor vegetation, land use, crop managements, water resources, etc.
  • WISE: NASA infrared-wavelength space telescope.
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