About UniverseMonitor.com


Hello, my name is Dave Owen, AKA "Space Dave" of Te Awamutu, New Zealand. I'm the creator of Te Awamutu Space Centre, a space museum and education centre.

When I made the space centre, I developed a system to display live feeds from various sources. These feeds include real-time images, video, CGI visualizations, text reports, etc. The live feeds are among our most popular displays and are extremely effective at prompting questions and learning opportunities.

"Space Dave's Universe Monitor" is a new project in 2021. Based on the system I use at work, I'm developing a free public web-based version.

I imagine two main ways to use this website:

  1. Anyone can browse the website to view feeds and learn about them. I plan to add lots of information about the science behind each type of feed. Links are provided to each individual source for more information.
  2. Anyone setting up a public display will be able to use the feeds here (conditions may apply, depending on the source's permission structure). I plan to add features that make it easy to create custom displays for science museums, observatories, schools, etc.

Please remember that I'm in the early stages of this project. See the latest progress report below. For feedback and enquiries, it would be very helpful if you could use this Youtube thread.

Space Dave

Important note about feed sources

If you represent an organization that is considering supporting universemonitor.com, thank you for taking the time to read this. You'll find additional information about how feeds are used, including technical details, here.

I reply on the goodwill of research facilities to provide the feeds here. I plan to continue that spirit by making everything I develop at this website free to use with no strings attached.

Update 9th October 2021

This website is now officially beta version.

I haven't finished contacting all the necessary organisations to request usage permission, so I've removed anything that doesn't yet have it. I'll keep working through the list and adding feeds as I get the required permissions. I might actually delay this while I work on getting the site functionality a bit better. In the meantime, every public page on the website should have the appropriate permission. I'm planning to add a section at the bottom of each feed that notes the copyright and permission status.