Universe Monitor Privacy Policy

Personal Data

We don't collect any personal information from users so there's not much to say here. For the sake of having an official policy, our policy is that we don't share personal data.


You can use this website without cookies but functionality will be limited. In particular, you need cookies to customize the view or save any settings.

We try to limit cookies to the bare minimum. Note that we do not track users in any way that can be matched to you personally, either with cookies or any other means.

Currently, we use cookies for:

To delete cookies:

Option 1: Use your browser settings. This is the best way to ensure all cookies are gone and/or blocked.

Option 2: From the Universe Monitor home screen, click the gear icon Settings Button in the top right corner to open the settings window, then click "Delete Cookies". Currently, this only deletes cookies generated by the app, so you'll need to delete any Google Analytics cookies from your browser settings. We are planning to add add full control of all cookies from within the settings window.

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