Sun-Facing Side of Earth

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Source: NASA
Time of image capture:
2022-07-01 13:27:51 (UTC)

This is the latest photo of Earth's sunlit side from NASA's "EPIC" camera. The camera is part of the DSCOVR spacecraft which is permanently located in a position between Earth and the Sun. This gives it a constant view of whichever side of Earth is currently facing towards the Sun.

DSCOVR's location is known as Lagrange Point 1 (L1). As well as being a good place for a stable orbit, this location offers some interesting views of celestial movements such as solar eclipses and lunar transits (when the Moon passes in front of Earth).

Note: EPIC takes a new photo every two hours but the images need to be processed so there is usually a delay of around a day before we see them. In future we plan to add a video showing the last few days.

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