Launch: RS1 Flight 1

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Scheduled Launch Time:
Sep 06
Summary: An ABL Space RS1 rocket will launch the RS1 Flight 1 mission. The launch date is currently targeted for September 06, 2022 (UTC).
Live Launch Video
If a live video stream is available for this launch, it will be shown here*.

Details & More Info

Mission / Payload: RS1 Flight 1
Tags / Other Info: Test Flight, Vehicle Debut
Launch Provider: ABL Space
Launch Vehicle: RS1
Launchpad: LP-3C, Pacific Spaceport Complex - Alaska, AK, United States
Launch Window opens: Unknown
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* Video coverage varies between launch providers — sometimes we get several hours of lead-up video with commentary, sometimes it's just a few minutes with minimal audio. This page will be updated if/when the provider makes the video stream available.
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